Pigeon King International Inc. (“PKII”) filed the paperwork for a voluntary Assignment in Bankruptcy. The date of bankruptcy is July 2, 2008 and BDO Dunwoody Limited was appointed as Trustee in Bankruptcy for estate #35-1084629 per the Superintendent in Bankruptcy Certificate of Appointment.

There are two companies related to PKII. Benn Contracting Inc. may have had breeding contracts. We understand that there was limited separate reporting for Benn Contracting. The company was incorporated in March 2008. All breeders/creditors that may be associated with Benn Contracting have been included in the PKII filing. We understand that there are no separate assets owned by Benn Contracting. Sacred Dove Ranch Inc. was incorporated in February 2007 and apparently had no assets or liabilities.

Arlan Galbraith
Arlan Galbraith is the shareholder of PKII. There was a Court application in 2008 for his personal bankruptcy. That was concluded with an Order dated December 16, 2009. See separate tab for further details..

See the various tabs for further information for farmers, creditors, employees etc.

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Pigeon King
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